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    Emperial Hardwood Floors Are you looking for a professional and reliable flooring contractor? Do you want to install a new wood floor or refinish the existing one in your home? Look no further. Emperial Hardwood Floors in Greater Atlanta, GA area provides all types of hardwood flooring service including refinishing hardwood floors and installing prefinished flooring. You can rely on our expertise to install and finish on-site hardwood floors or to recoat existing hardwood floors. We also specialize in installing and finishing staircases.  

    Our Services Include:

    • Installing and Finishing New Hardwood Floors

    • Installing and Finishing Staircases

    • Installing New Stair Treads, Banisters and Wrought Iron Balusters

    • Installing Prefinished Hardwood Floors

    • Moving Large Furniture

    • Painting of Shoemold

    • Recoating Existing Hardwood Floors

    • Refinishing Existing Hardwood Floors

    • Water-Damage Work

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